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Kerala Brahmana Sabha is an apex organisation of Tamil Brahmins in Kerala. It's a registered organisation since 1970. KBS is working in a 3 tier system i.e. State, District, Upa Sabha (Units). Vanitha Vibhag & Youth Wing is also part of the Sabha. KBS is the a fully affiliated organisation in All India Brahmins Federation from Kerala state.

Sep 24, 2011

District Annual General Body Meeting & New District Committee

KBS Thiruvananthapuram District Annual General Body meeting was held on Sunday, 18th September 2011 at 10 am at Theerthapadamandapam, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram. The AGM was presided over by District President Ganesh H. General Secretary Ananthasubramoniam P, State Vice President Anantharama Iyer S, State Vanitha Vibhag State President Dr Latha Ramakrishnan, Vanitha Vibhag Sate Secretary Srimathi Ramaswamy, State Vanitha Vibhag Treasurer Meena Sankaranarayanan, District Vanitha Vibhag President Radha Rengan, District Vanitha Vibhag Secretary Raji Viswanathan, District Youth WIng President Madhusoodhanan K P, District Youth WIng Secretary Ramachandran L K, District Office Bearers, heads of auxilary units in the District such as; Sree Durga Devi Temple, Brahmasandesam, Deena Dayalo Care Home, Sanathananandam Housing Project, Office bearers of Upa Sabhas in the District, Life Members / Delegates in the District, members of Vanitha Vibhag / Youth Wing, attended the AGM. District Secretary Suresh R presented the Annual Report for the period 2010-11, after detailed discussion the same was passed by the house. District Treasurer Sankaranarayana Iyer S presented the Annual accounts for the period 2009-10 & 2010-11. The same was approved by the august house after a detailed discussion. District President briefed about the various projects in the District and urged the members to come forward for supporting the various projects at Upa Sabha / District / State level. District President also urged the members to extend their whole support for the forthcoming State Conference in the Capital on 15 & 16 of October, 2011. State General Secretary in his address, urged the members to work for the unity of the Sabha and march behind the leadership for the ultimate benefit for our community. Subramonia Sarma N, the election officer  declared in the house that the entire election process has become very easy since there are only one contestants for each post in the District Committee. Sarma announced the following names who have filed their nominations;

Ganesh H    (President)                  9447120230     karamanababu@gmail.com
Veeramony Iyer M (Vice President)    9446543443     veeramony1947@gmail.com
Ramakrishnan V R (Vice President)    9447271859     maashu1@gmail.com
Ramasubramonia Iyer P (Secretary) 9447387101     priyer20@gmail.com
Sankaranarayana Iyer S (Treasurer) 9495409291
Raghunatha K S (Joint Secretary)       9447860044    ks_ragunathan@yahoo.in
Padmababhan P R (Joint Secretary) 9495828042    prpadman@yahoo.co.uk
Sreedhar K (Org. Secretary)              9447441100    sreedharkasi@yahoo.in
Jagadeeshan V (Org. Secretary) 9847610550    jagadeesaniyer@gmail.com

The election officer declared the above names as elected for the new District Team for the period 2011-13. The meeting came to close at 2 40 pm with Santhi Mantram.

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